Monday, February 28, 2005

Beads and a NEW LYS

Saturday I took a Beaded knitting class. The class was sponsored by Camellia City Stockinettes (local guild) and taught by Kaedean. If you check out her blog, she has a picture of what the project will look like when completed. The class taught several different ways to add beads to your knitting. Kaedean had everything set up for us (with the help of several other people), including stringing 592 beads on our little balls of yarn for us. Tori attended the class and completed part of the project. I think that it was a little over her head as it was the first time working with size 3 needles.

Beaded Knitting Class Posted by Hello

I didn't finish this as I had to leave a few minutes early since a friend of ours (Pieter) was having a surprise birthday party for his wife (the big 30).

Coming up.... Beaded Stitch Markers Posted by Hello

After the party, Tori and I headed over to Michael's to pick up supplies to make beaded stitch markers. I have love working on lace and cables and never seem to have enough of these. I also have been seeing so many people making these, I thought that I should try to make some too. I will just have to wait until Tori gets homework done!

New LYS Posted by Hello

There is a new LYS here in the Sacramento area, Babetta's Yarn and Gifts. They have only been opened for a month and I just heard about them last week. So, I decided to drop by there on the way home to see what they carry. I was pleasantly surprised! They have a nice selection for only being open for one month. Also, they were very nice and helpful. As you can see from the picture above they carry Southwest Trading Company products and Cherry Tree Hill. I haven't seen these at Filati, only online. Their prices were also reasonable. Made me very happy. I will be visiting there again.

I actually bought the Bamboo for a project! Quite shocking! I want to make "A Good Bias" shrug from IK Spring 2005. There is even a knit along for it! I have let the host know that I want to join. I am just waiting to hear from her. How exciting!

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caitlyn said...

Hi Violet!
The yarn looks great! And I'm looking forward to seeing your handmade stitch markers!
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