Monday, February 14, 2005

Stitches West (Warning- this is long!)

On Our Way to Stitches West! Posted by Hello

Don't these ladies look wide awake?? Sarah and the famous hat are on the left, Christina is on the right.

We took Amtrack to Santa Clara. I had to catch the bus in Roseville at 6:45am. This would get me to Sacramento at 7:20am to catch the 7:40am train to Santa Clara. Whew! That was early. Fortunately, I hit Starbuck's on the way out. Amtrack had a special for Stitches, a 10% discount. For those people (including us) that went on Saturday to hit the market, Amtrack set aside a car just for knitters, had gift bags with yarn and Starbuck's gift cards and door prizes. Definitely the way to go! We got to Santa Clara around 10:25am and headed straight to the Market.

The Market is huge. That's my only word to describe it. Lots of people, lots of vendors, yarn and accessories everywhere. Some vendors were having sales. I picked up lots of Wildefoot sock yarn from one vendor. Also picked up some Manos from another. As you can see below, when yarn is on sale, knitters will come.

Manos on SALE! Posted by Hello
I was able to find some Mountain Colors Bearfoote too. I am really into sock yarn right now. I know that I am suppose to be on a yarn diet, but I have been purchasing some here and there. Hi, I'm Violet and I'm a yarnaholic.

Brooks Farm Posted by Hello
Many of the vendors are specialty vendors. Above is a picture of some of the hand-painted yarns from Brooks Farm Yarn. We were able to pick up hand-painted, 100% kid mohair (Each of us bought some!) from Brooks. Absolutely beautiful. The picture above is a sample of what they offered. I would recommend looking at their website. Great prices and gorgeous yarns.

Sarah and Her Famous Hat Posted by Hello

She Sarah's hat? Sarah's hat is least at the Market it was famous. The hat pattern is from Stitch-n-Bitch and looks absolutely great on Sarah. The hat is great as I was able to easily spot her if I wandered off from the group (also helps that she is 5'8" and I am 5'2"). The hat also had quite a following. Knitters were constantly asking her about the hat: Where did you get that pattern? Where did you find the sequins? Is it hard to make? What kind of yarn did you use? She was quite good natured about it. It also came in handy when I met Nathania! I told her to look for the girl with the shiny hat!

Still Here? Posted by Hello
From left to right: Christy, Sarah, and Marin.

At about 3pm, we were completely beat. I was at the point of not being able to focus my eyes. We decided to take a break, rest our feet, and figure out what we wanted to do before we had to catch the train home. So, we made one last round and hit the places that we felt we should see again.

Marin and Her Bounty! Posted by Hello
We finally got back to the train and headed home. We tried to knit, but were so tired by the time we on the train. So instead, we decided to look at all of the wonderful yarn we bought. Marin is pictured above. Marin is the organizer for the Stitch-n-Bitch Sacramento group.

Look at What I Got! Posted by Hello
Here is my wonderful yarn. Lots of sock yarn (all the Wildfoote) and some fun hand painted yarn. Took me all of Sunday to recover from the trip. Would I do it again? Definitely. Next year, I am taking time off and taking some classes!


Laura.Y said...

Wow! You've got some really nice looking yarns. :) Great buys! I love those photos you took. Gives me an insight to the market you went to. Thank you. Here in the tropics, we don't have such events, which is a shame. So it's always nice to see what others have over at their end. Happy knitting with your buys...:)

Nathania said...

Looks like you got some delicious stuff, Violet! I have some Mountain Colors Bearfoot too and I LOVE it! See you again soon!

TooManyScarves said...

I must go next year. I must. And a car set aside just for knitters?! How awesome is that!

kweaver said...

What a nice haul! I can't believe you survived until 3 pm. i pooped out long before that.

Karlie said...

Oh that yarn is very yummy. I love it!

Joanne said...

I read about your trip to Stitches and sent it on to members of our local knitting group, Silver State Knitters in Reno-Sparks, Nevada. Now some of us would like to try a similar trip next year -- how did you know about Amtrak's special, and how did Amtrak know about Stitches? How many were in the knitters' car by the time you got to Santa Clara?

Violet said...

Thanks all for the wonderful compliments!

Joanne, I found out about the Amtrack special through the organizer of our SnB group. You can go to the Capitol Corridor website

This will allow you to sign up for their newsletter. I have no idea how they found out about the event. I have a feeling that one of the organizers for Amtrack knits. I did put in my comments for the survey that they sent out to include more knitting events.

The knitters car was pretty full. I wouldn't be able to give an exact number, maybe 30-40 people. Please feel free to email me or post more comments to my blog if you have any questions!

Nancy said...

Wow, what fun! I've got to make a trip up for that some year. Too bad I can't catch that train - that sounds great.

Love the yarn you bought and the photos of your adventure. Thanks so much for sharing.

J So said...

I know nothing about knitting! BUT V is a great friend of mine and I lurk her blog to peep out the pictures of her fam and the cute chicks she knits with!

Love ya V and hope we can get together for dinner soon!