Friday, February 04, 2005

I'm alive!

I am feeling much better. Thank you to all that have been sending me get well sentiments. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. A BIG thank you to my super duper secret pal. I received a wonderful get well card yesterday that was basically a video game! So fun to kill the germs! I have the BEST secret pal!

I also received my first RAOK from Allena of Star Knits. I promise to post pictures later tonight when I get home. To see the pictures on her blog, use this link. They are even more beautiful than pictured.

I was actually much better as of Wednesday afternoon. I didn't have time to post as I was gone Wednesday night and last night. I was out doing fun knitting things! I can't remember if I had posted this previously, but I started a Meetup group for the Roseville area. There is a group in Sacramento that I have been attending, but the drive is about 30-40 minutes. After working, it can be really hard to leave the house knowing that I will be on the road for at least an hour that night. Well, Wednesday was our first meeting and we had a wonderful time. I met some wonderful women and I really enjoyed myself.

Last night, I attended the local knitting guild meeting. I met Sandi through the Roseville Knitting Meetup on Wednesday (we had been emailing each other before that) and she had told me about the guild. Well, that was a great meeting. There were approximately 40 people in attendance. All different levels of knitting ability. The guild also had a learning segment on weaving in ends and changing colors. The best part was seeing what everyone was working on! I will definitely be joining the guild! Upcoming events will be monthly workshops and quarterly intensive workshops.

That's all for now. I will be posting tonight after work. I may have some FOs to post too!!

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