Friday, February 25, 2005

Stitch n Bitch

Felted Man?!? Posted by Hello

Have you ever seen a felted man??? This was a first for me. One of the group was making him. He is completely needle felted. Here is a shot of his pants in the making:

Making Pants Posted by Hello

I think he should be the official mascot of our group. What do you think??

We also had some new group members. Caitlyn from Knitter's Review Forums joined us. It was so much fun meeting her. Her Klaralund is soooo beautiful. I love the colors that she chose and cannot wait to see the finished project. Unfortunately, I took out my camera after she left. So no pictures this time. Hopefully she will show up next week since one of our local news stations will be attending our meeting :) They are doing a piece on knitting groups and Marin was asked if she would like to be part of it. If you are interested in finding out more about the Sacramento Stitch n Bitch group, Marin has started a Yahoo! group. Click here.

We also had another new member. A Man! (gasp!) Marin had mentioned that he may show up and he did! This is Ed!

New Group Member Posted by Hello

I love that some guys are starting to see knitting as not just for the girls. Besides, if you are a single guy, what better way for you to meet women than to hang out with a group of them??? Best part is, you would be the only single guy and you can talk their language! What more could a guy want? Also, some of the best knitters that I have seen have been men.

I have spent a lot of time reading blogs lately. I have found one of my favorite reads to be The Casting On Couch. Not only can Rebecca knit, she is hilarious with her stories and pictures. This blog is definitely a must read.

Off to bed. I have a bead knitting class tomorrow given by Kaedean. I get to learn all kinds of bead knitting techniques.


Anna said...

Wow, what a bizarre, cool felted guy. How on earth did she do the face?! Also, kudos to the new group member. I'm still waiting for the day a man turns up to our SnB meets :/

caitlyn said...

Hi Violet,
Thanks for the kind words! =) I love the picture of the felted man.
See you soon!

itgirl said...

How sweet you are! I am swamped with having moved temporarily to DC for two months but I have a guest blogger for a week or so while I settle in, at least, and I'm stealing wireless, so at least I can try to catch up on my reading..

Harleydreamer said...

It is very funny to think that knitting & crocheting are NOW associated with women. I do both (although not for very long) and if you look up the history they were originally a man dominated industry. Sailors had to knit their shirts/sweaters so that they would be strong and heavy enough to wear out on the open waters. My how things have changed.