Tuesday, February 15, 2005

More Fun Stuff

Presents!! Posted by Hello
My Secret Pal sent me a beautiful card and a really cute stitch marker. I was really surprised to see this in the mail. Thank you Super Duper Secret Pal! I love stitch markers!

Stitch Markers from Allena Posted by Hello
I never showed the stitch markers that Allena gave me. Now I have a variety of purdy ones, not just the plain plastic.

Shoalwater Shawl Posted by Hello
I have been doing some knitting, not just shopping. This is what I have completed of my Shoalwater Shawl. I am hoping to get this completed by the middle of March. That way I will have this completed by the time that the next shawl kit comes in from Joslyn's.

Lace Socks Posted by Hello
And last but not least, here are the socks that I started on my way to Stitches. Can't wait to wear these!

I've also been tagged by Caitlyn, so here goes:
1. How much space is left on your Tivo or Comcast Box? We don't own these, but we do have the capability of recording TV on our computer.

2. Have you ever bought a DVD of TV Series and if so, which one? Nope, haven't done this either.

3. What was the last TV show that you watched before reading this message? That's easy. Medium on NBC.

4. List five shows you won't miss? That's easy, I hate reality shows so any of them can go.

5. Name 3 people to whom you will pass this stick. Amy, Allena, and Jen.

That's all for today. Whew! Two long posts in two days???

Edit 2/21/05
Apparently I didn't understand question 4......shows I wouldn't miss as in shows I love to watch. Well, I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan, I have gotten hooked into Stargate and Stargate Atlantis (thanks to my husband) and I like that new show Medium. Those are the only shows that I will actually watch on a regular basis. The only one that I never miss is Gilmore Girls!


caitlyn said...

Hi Violet,
Thanks for responding to the questions. =)
The Shoalwater Shawl looks very beautiful!

Allena said...

hey you tagged me... how does this work...HMM
i like your new header! very violet! and pretty too!
i was going to say something else but scatter brain me....duh i'm like so slow these days.....arugh...i'm sorry i'll end this now.. TTYL