Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Wow! This page looks different!

I have been busy playing with my template now that I have found out how to do some things. See, I figured out the percentage bar thingys, changed to a new template, and even changed the colors to the standard template. This is what happens when it is extremely slow at work!

As I was changing things and surfing the web, I had also read about many of the charities that need our help for the areas of Asia that were hit by the earthquake and tsunamis. I have added a list of charities onto my side bar. I did some research and was able to verify that at least 75% of the funds that are donated will go directly to disaster relief. The link for Network for Good will allow you to choose which charity to donate to, including the American Red Cross, Unicef, and the Salavation Army to name a few. I also found a web site that will allow you to check how much of your donation actually goes to their programs. It is called Charity Navigator. I was able to see how much of the donated money a charity receives would actually go to their programs and how much was spent on administration and how they rated against other charities. Really is worth a look.

As for knitting, I was lucky enough to take the day off and spend it at my son's wrestling tournament. The whole day was spent there.....not something that I really wanted to do, but I love my boy! Fortunately, I was smart enough to bring my knitting. I was able to complete more of Cozy. My goal is to try and finish it this week........of course, I am being very optimistic or just plain's probably a tie. Anyway, this wrap is suppose to be 67.5 inches in length. That is longer that I am tall. Hmm....well, we'll see how long it gets as I get closer to finishing it.

Monday, December 27, 2004

What did you do during Christmas break?

The Vineyards of Joseph Phelps Posted by Hello

On our Christmas vacation, we visited wineries in both Sonoma and Napa. This picture was taken at Joseph Phelps in Napa Valley.

Chateau Souvreign Posted by Hello

This is Chateau Souvreign in Sonoma (Alexander Valley).

Both wineries were nice to visit. Very beautiful. We had the best tasting at Frank Family Vineyards. Frank Family is the third oldest in Napa. It is the winery where Marilyn Monroe bought her champagne. So, in addition to tasting some wonderful wine, we also were treated to a taste of bubbly! All of their wines were wonderful and the people friendly. We have decided that we are going to make a annual trip to Frank Family.

Christmas goodies Posted by Hello

These are the wonderful gifts that my husband gave me for Christmas. I sent him my wish list from Amazon, and he bought me everything on my must have list. I am actually waiting for two more books to come in and they are all about knitting!!! I should be getting Scarf Style by Pam Allen and A Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker. I also get to go and pick up A Gathering of Lace by Meg Swanson at my lys since Amazon was out. DH said that I had enough yarn! These books should help me do something with all of it!

I also got to do some knitting while on vacation. Here is Cozy from Knitty. I joined the KAL at the beginning of the month. Hopefully, I will be done with it soon.

Cozy......start of something beautiful Posted by Hello

Here is a close up of the stitch pattern.

Cozy Closeup Posted by Hello

We also did some shopping and I worked on a few other projects.

More yarn and some work done Posted by Hello

The Nautilus Hat at the bottom of the page is made of Silky Tweed from Elsbeth Lavold. The pattern is pretty easy and you end up with a very nice hat. I made if for myself, but have already had family members requesting one. I wonder if I will get to keep it????

The scarf is an easy diagonal garter stitch done in Noro Silk Garden. Made if for my MIL. I know that she will love it (in the colors that she wears) and the yarn is so yummy!

While out shopping and dragging everyone to yarn shops, I pick up some Manos in the dark gold/brown/purple colorway. And, my SIL bought a yarn for a sweater for my cutie niece. Love making baby clothes as they are so quick and fun.

I also got my Mystery Kit #3 in the mail (nice surprise to come home to) and my order from Webs....the yummy Karabella Frost that I practially stole from them!

I also had to put my crocheted lace shawl on hold. George got to the yarn while we were gone.....didn't really hurt it nor himself...just means that everything that I had gotten done will have to be re-done. I think that I will wait until later to finish that one.

Whew! That's the abbreviated version of my week. Get to take Mom to the airport at 4am tomorrow.....I must have been thinking she would be getting herself to the airport!

Friday, December 17, 2004

Happy Holidays

We are off to Windsor CA for some rest and knitting relaxation. Have the projects packed and ready to knit! Will be back on the 26th, hopefully with some really nice photos to post!

Quickie Update.......

It is Friday!!! Going on vacation to Sonoma for a whole week. Really looking forward to getting away. Mom is coming out (from Florida) on Sunday for Christmas and we get to go wine tasting and shopping! I also get to knit to my heart's content! I have almost finished all of the Christmas presents. The only ones left are the ones for the kids (quick and easy) and the scarf for my mother-in-law.

The kids have approved the patterns for their knitted gifts this year. I found Johnny some really nice wrist bands w/skulls. I told him that I could make him and the GF matching ones. For Tori, she wants basic black legwarmers. Scary to see legwarmers as a fashion accessory again. I can remember these being popular when I was much younger!

Hoping to post pictures later today. I made a shawlette for Mom out of some really fun novelty yarns. I had planned on crocheting her a beaded stole. The one (on the cover) from Lily Chin's book Knit and Crochet with Beads. I have even started it. But, since it is something that will need my utmost concentration, I think I will send it to her for Mother's Day instead. More fun for her to get that in the mail since I am usually just a send-a-card-and-make-a-phone-call person for that day. Also, since she will be here on Sunday, I know that I won't get it done that fast!!

I also joined another Knit A Long! Glutton for punishment that I am. It is the Mariah Along. It officially starts in February according to Eklectika. Happened across her blog when going through on of the blog rings and was quite please to see that she had started this up. The pattern is from the latest Knitty issue. Really glad to see that it is starting in February as I already have projects lined up for January.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I have been knitting.......

Purple Poncho Posted by Hello

Here is the Poncho that I have made for Terri being modeled by my daughter. I am not sure if this will be long enough for her daughter. I am going to be bringing to her at work so that she can look at it and let me know. That way, I can add more tomorrow night if necessary. The pattern that I used was from Easy Knitting, Fall 2004. The yarn is 100% arcylic-Caron Amore. I used exactly was called for in the pattern. This is actually the second one that I have made. I made the first one for myself, however, my son (yes, the 15 year old) wears it around the house. He says that it is like a big blanket that he can wear. I have to sneak a picture of him sometime.

Jo Sharp Sarong Posted by Hello

This is the sarong that I made for my niece, Julia. She is a little more difficult to knit for since she lives in Hawaii. I have had to be more creative with her. I found this pattern in Jo Sharp's book 7, Family. I used about 10 balls of Jo Sharp Desert Garden in Lavendar for this project. It was acutally quite fun to make.

Hats!!! Posted by Hello

These are all of the hats that I have been making for the nieces and nephews that live in the continental US. Most of these were knit from yarn in my stash. The pretty purple is in 1824 Wool and the pink is in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. Those two yarns were fun to knit with. The others are in Crystal Palace Carnival. A really old yarn I found in my stash. Bought when I first found Elann about 4-5 years ago!

Tori's work Posted by Hello

Now this is what my daughter has knit. She has really been working hard with Mom lately. She has been knitting presents for everyone in the family. She has really come along. We had knitting club today (her school hosts this club) and she has started knitting with some eyelash yarn. I will post a picture when she finishes.

On top of all of this, I have also knit another Karabella silk boucle scarf (2 total in the past week). It is a simple garter stitch scarf, but is beautiful since the yarn is so yummy! I will have to post pics later. I am running out of room.

I have also updated my page with other blogs and sites that I have been reading for a while. I also joined another knit along (yes, I am crazy). This one is the Thing A Long. Since I was already working on this, I figured I should join. Besides, I blame KnitnMom, I saw it on her blog!

Friday, December 10, 2004

Stitch n Bitch

Attended my first Stitch n Bitch last night. Was quite enjoyable. (The only thing that I did not enjoy was the 30 minute drive to downtown Sac.) We only had a few people attending, including a crocheter named Amy. She has inspired me to take up the hook again. I was only planning on making one or two crochet items in the next few months, but I think that I will actually do more. The group also attends the Knitting Meetup group that I attend. I thought that I would be able to meet with them since we are going to Sonoma on Friday for the holidays. I would need to pack on Thursday so I would not be able to attend the weekly meeting, but they will be joining me at the Meetup next Wednesday.

The SNB was held at a coffee shop called the Naked Lounge. Quite and interesting place. Nice comfy couches and chairs to sit on. Had a Chai latte and it was tasty! Looking forward to visiting the coffee shop. It had a nice atmosphere.

In addition to enjoying the good company and the tea, I also got some knitting done. Got 2/3 of the silk boucle scarf done for my SIL, Lovelle. I should be able to send off their package to NY on Monday in time for Christmas!!
Pretty in Pink Posted by Hello
Here are the baby booties and hat that I am making for Alexis, Pieter and Vickie's daughter. Her christening is on Sunday. I only have to complete the I-cord and the set is complete. I was very pleased with the baby booties. They were very easy. I thought that they would be harder to make.
Sad Kitty Posted by Hello
Poor George! He has been following me around all evening.....something rare as he prefers my kids. Tonight he is lonely. His best friend, Rajah, our tabby, passed away 3 weeks ago. George is still looking for him. So tonight I have the feeling that he will be following me around, trying to attack my knitting, and tease the dogs. He has been very loving for the past 3 weeks. He misses his buddy.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

New Yarn!!!!!

New yarn from Joslyn's Fiber Farm

Yah!! Didn't go to the yarn store tonight, but had a really good reason for staying home! Look at the beautiful yarn that I got!!! My kit came in from Joslyn's Fiber Farm!!! See the beautiful yarn that came in! It is actually darker than what is in the picture. I love it!! I get to make the Shoalwater Shawl from Fiber Trends. The day I saw this shawl in the back of Interweave I knew that I had to make it. This is my first kit from Joslyn. I am so excited!! (Of course, the husband thinks I'm a freak!) I will have to wait until I get my Christmas presents completed before I can start this, but I can still look at and touch the yarn all I want!!!
Completed Shawl Posted by Hello

Well, this is the shawl that I had talked about in a previous post. I don't like the picture, it is much prettier up close. Was done very quickly....not like other items that I have made. Simple garter stitch shawl...I think that my mom will really like it.

I had worn it for the first time last weekend and had 2 people ask me if I sell them!!! I did like that. Was happy to hear that others had enjoyed my efforts! Tonight, I get to go to Filati and knit with the other ladies. Tomorrow is my Stitch n Bitch will be my first meeting. Really looking forward to that.

Well, need to get my needles and yarn together for the bear that I am making AJ. I don't know what I was thinking when I purchased bamboo needles for this project. I should have used it as an excuse to purchase more addis!!!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

busy, busy, busy!!!

Okay, think I am getting the hang of this. See the new yarn I got!!! Bought it for a great price on eBay!! Can you believe it! Colinette yarns......nice colorways, great quality! And I received it in a week from the UK! I couldn't believe it got here that fast. This is the second time that I have bought yarn on eBay from someone in the UK. I have been very please with the price and the quick shipping!! I only wish that all things worked that way.

I have been busy learning how to blog! I can now post pictures and add links. Just wait until I really figure out what I am doing!!!

See below for the poncho that I am knitting Terri. I have also finished the baby hat and all but the I-cord for Alexis' baby booties. I should be able to complete Lovelle's scarf and AJ's teddy bear this week too. Crazy time of year, but I love how I can get away with all of this knitting. I am really going to have to do laundry soon......

New Yarn from Ebay Posted by Hello

More yarn from eBay Posted by Hello

Terri's Poncho

Terri's Poncho Posted by Hello

This is the poncho that I am knitting for my friend Terri. She wants this for her daughter as a Christmas present. Hopefully, I will have this done this weekend. This pattern is from Easy Knitting Magazine. The pattern itself is very simple. I made one for myself(in blue) in October, but my son has decided that it is like having a blanket around your neck. He has decided that he is going to wear it around the house and when he plays video games. I have promised to knit a serape for him (the one in Sally Melville's book, The Purl Stitch). Hopefully it will be done right after Christmas so I can have my poncho back!

First Link!!

I posted my first link on my blogger today. Am I a geek or what! I now have a link to the shawl club that just joined! hehehe......I think I will be doing more of this now. Have to post all of the pics of what I am working on!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

How do I work this thing??

Trying to figure out what I am doing on this blogger!! Would like to know what I am doing. I can usually figure this stuff out, but I think I will actually have to work on this or order the software!!!

Anyway, convinced John that he wanted to sign me up for Joslyn's Fiber Farm's shawl club! The gift that just keeps on giving. Will have to wait to get my first kit, but I have lots to do so that will keep me busy.

OTN: working on the teddy bear for AJ, my colorful shawl (the really nice lady at Filati helped me pick out the yarn), "Cozy" shawl from Knitty, Union Square poncho from Weekend Knits. Boy am I busy!!