Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Wow! This page looks different!

I have been busy playing with my template now that I have found out how to do some things. See, I figured out the percentage bar thingys, changed to a new template, and even changed the colors to the standard template. This is what happens when it is extremely slow at work!

As I was changing things and surfing the web, I had also read about many of the charities that need our help for the areas of Asia that were hit by the earthquake and tsunamis. I have added a list of charities onto my side bar. I did some research and was able to verify that at least 75% of the funds that are donated will go directly to disaster relief. The link for Network for Good will allow you to choose which charity to donate to, including the American Red Cross, Unicef, and the Salavation Army to name a few. I also found a web site that will allow you to check how much of your donation actually goes to their programs. It is called Charity Navigator. I was able to see how much of the donated money a charity receives would actually go to their programs and how much was spent on administration and how they rated against other charities. Really is worth a look.

As for knitting, I was lucky enough to take the day off and spend it at my son's wrestling tournament. The whole day was spent there.....not something that I really wanted to do, but I love my boy! Fortunately, I was smart enough to bring my knitting. I was able to complete more of Cozy. My goal is to try and finish it this week........of course, I am being very optimistic or just plain's probably a tie. Anyway, this wrap is suppose to be 67.5 inches in length. That is longer that I am tall. Hmm....well, we'll see how long it gets as I get closer to finishing it.

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