Sunday, January 02, 2005

Happy New Year!

Ended 2004 and started 2005 on the right foot!!! I was able to complete 2 projects: Cozy and Union Square from Weekend Knitting. Both had been on hold due to the holidays. So once I finished my Christmas knitting, I was able to work on these.

Cozy Posted by Hello

Weekend Knitting-Union Square Posted by Hello

Union Square Posted by Hello

I am still debating as to whether I should block Cozy. I had originally thought that I should. But since it is so long, I would rather not block it on my bed right now. Probably wouldn't dry completely by bedtime!

So, off to other projects!!


Nancy said...

Oh WOW! Those are both so pretty! And they look comfy and soft to touch. Good job on your resolutions.

linda said...

Violet, the Union Square poncho looks great!