Monday, January 10, 2005

Where Have I Been???

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.....I have actually been really busy. Last week, my husband and I hosted a dinner party for his office. Had 18 people over for a sit down dinner at my house. Talk about busy! Had to plan the menu, order food, clean and cook. Not to mention having to go through my house and make sure that I had all of the necessary plates, napkins, glasses, etc. etc! That left little time for knitting, blogging, or reading emails. Now that it is over, and I have almost recouperated, I can read the many emails that I have received (over 100) and post some pictures to my blog!

During this time, I was able to fit in some knitting. I actually finished the EZ garter stitch scarf I was knitting for my SIL. I just need to send it to her this week. I also made a pair of baby booties for the organizer of my DD's knitting club at school. We had a surprise baby shower for her Saturday. I didn't take a picture (my bad) but she is going to bring them to knitting club Tuesday, so hopefully I will remember to bring my camera.

I will post later today (when I get home from work!). I hope to have some pics and to update my sidebar.

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