Monday, January 24, 2005

No Pictures Today

I have been busy working on my projects, but can't post pictures. My husband is working in the office and has stuff everywhere, so I am on an ancient laptop trying to post (OS=Windows 98). At least I can read my emails!!

I have finally started my son's serape. He is quite pleased that I am working on this, however, I have had to make some adjustments for his height. The pattern calls for a length of 19.5 inches for the front half. Well, DS is 6'1" and 170+ lbs. This means the 19.5 inches is above the belly button! Not going to work. Instead, I am making the front 27 inches.....I think I will have to go to Filati's to pick up more yarn! I have also been working on DD's sweater. I finally finished the back, all 48" in length. It wouldn't be so bad if the pattern was interesting, but it's all stockinette. Can get really boring. Actually both kids wanted plain knits from Mom.

My fun projects have been shoalwater shawl and my sockapalooza socks. I have gotten through the first chart and will be able to start the first repeat for my shawl. I have learned so much by working on this pattern. I can now read charts and have learned a provisional cast on. Both things I had been afraid of before. The socks have been fun as this is the first time working with size one needles. The yarn is fun to work with and I love the colors. I will post pictures of both of these projects as soon as I am able.

I was so excited today to get an IM from my friend Lauren. Lauren and I use to work together and hadn't talked to each other in ages. Well, I found out today that she started knitting in October!!! Looks like I may have a knitting buddy now!! We are going to go to the Stitch n Bitch meeting in downtown Sacramento on Thursday. I also told her about the Stitches West Market and the special offer from Amtrack. Fun stuff.

I will post again soon as I have to get the survey done for Secret Pals 4. If you haven't signed up for this yet, sorry, it is now closed. But, if you are a member of the forums at Knitters Review, you can still sign up for Knitter's Review Secret Pal 3.

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TooManyScarves said...

Isn't it fun when you realize someone you know knits? I just found out my assistant manager does and I am slowly getting my roommate on the bandwagon....