Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Got here before the kids...

Sad day for knitting as it was the last day of my daughter's knitting club at school. The facilitator, Tracy Nelson, is pregnant and should be going on maternity leave soon. Since Tori will be in *gasp* Jr. High next year, this was her last day with the club. On a good note, she has really learned a lot about knitting and wants to work with Mom.

Here are the promised pictures:

THING!! Posted by Hello

Here it is. THING in all its glory. I really just need to spend some time finishing this one, but I keep avoiding it. At least I'm not alone....Amy and I are at the same point. One of us has to get past it. It is the cardigan border. I think because there is not a picture, I am having a hard time visualizing this.

Faith's sweater Posted by Hello

I have been working on Faith's (my niece) sweater for the past couple of days. Really easy, hardly any shaping, can do it while watching tv kind of project. I should finish the back tonight and start on the front. Hopefully, I will have started the intarsia heart tonight. I want to have this done by the weekend. I want to send it and the scarf pictured below early next week.

Tracy's scarf Posted by Hello

This scarf is for my SIL Tracy. I attributed this scarf to part of the Think Pink knitalong. I would also like to knit some of the patterns from Knitty's special issue for Breast Cancer. Should be easy since I really like the color pink!!

Drift Posted by Hello

And this is Drift. Basically this will be a floor length cardigan in stockinette stitch. Believe it or not, I have about 24 inches of the back completed. Plan is to finish the back this weekend. Let's hope! The good thing about this sweater is that it is really oversized, so if Tori gets tired of it, I can wear it!

Well, off to gymnastics. At least I get to knit while I watch......


Lissa said...

Thank you for the compliment you left for me the other day. I wish I didn't have to change the layout, as I loved it, but it's apparently hard to view if you don't have Internet Explorer on a PC, so... I've changed it. Thank you so much for your comment though.

I look forward to talking to you in the Mariah-Along.

General Ginger said...

I like your "THING". :)

Jenni said...

Just wanted to say "Hi" as I am a regular reader of your blog.

Check out my work-in-progress blog at http://jenknitter.blogspot.com/