Friday, December 10, 2004

Stitch n Bitch

Attended my first Stitch n Bitch last night. Was quite enjoyable. (The only thing that I did not enjoy was the 30 minute drive to downtown Sac.) We only had a few people attending, including a crocheter named Amy. She has inspired me to take up the hook again. I was only planning on making one or two crochet items in the next few months, but I think that I will actually do more. The group also attends the Knitting Meetup group that I attend. I thought that I would be able to meet with them since we are going to Sonoma on Friday for the holidays. I would need to pack on Thursday so I would not be able to attend the weekly meeting, but they will be joining me at the Meetup next Wednesday.

The SNB was held at a coffee shop called the Naked Lounge. Quite and interesting place. Nice comfy couches and chairs to sit on. Had a Chai latte and it was tasty! Looking forward to visiting the coffee shop. It had a nice atmosphere.

In addition to enjoying the good company and the tea, I also got some knitting done. Got 2/3 of the silk boucle scarf done for my SIL, Lovelle. I should be able to send off their package to NY on Monday in time for Christmas!!

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KnitnMomofboys said...

Hi! I saw your link from the Knitter's Review Forums - I'm from Woodland! I'm jealous that you have a great local group to hook up with! It looks like you have been doing some great knitting - I'm looking forward to read more of your blog!
Amy :)