Tuesday, December 07, 2004

busy, busy, busy!!!

Okay, think I am getting the hang of this. See the new yarn I got!!! Bought it for a great price on eBay!! Can you believe it! Colinette yarns......nice colorways, great quality! And I received it in a week from the UK! I couldn't believe it got here that fast. This is the second time that I have bought yarn on eBay from someone in the UK. I have been very please with the price and the quick shipping!! I only wish that all things worked that way.

I have been busy learning how to blog! I can now post pictures and add links. Just wait until I really figure out what I am doing!!!

See below for the poncho that I am knitting Terri. I have also finished the baby hat and all but the I-cord for Alexis' baby booties. I should be able to complete Lovelle's scarf and AJ's teddy bear this week too. Crazy time of year, but I love how I can get away with all of this knitting. I am really going to have to do laundry soon......

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Kim said...

I love those colors! Great choice!