Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Knitalong Updates

So I said that I was going to update my progress on Knitalongs on Tuesdays. Well, that may not work. Tuesdays are Tori's gymnastics days. This would mean I would be out of the house for about 2hrs. I usually stay at her gymnastics practice and knit. As soon as we get home, my favorite show, Gilmore Girls, comes on and I need to watch that! So, more knitting. By the time my show is over, it is time to go to bed. I have to get up early the next day, so no time to blog. I believe that I will have to have my Knitalong updates on Wednesday, so here goes:

I have finally finished my socks (I was obsessed) and have started working on Mariah. I have gotten about 16" done on the sleeves with only 3" more to go. Here are the sleeves so far:

Mariah Posted by Hello

I really like this pattern. The cables stand out nicely even in this dark color. I was a little worried that the cables wouldn't be noticeable, but they do stand out nicely. My DH and DS have even commented that they like this pattern and that they would like cabled sweaters for themselves. Well, since they are not small by any stretch of the imagination, I have the feeling that they will be getting cabled socks instead!

Speaking of projects for my DS, I am currently working on a serape for him. This would be part of the Poncho Along. Since DS decided he loved to wear my poncho while playing video games, I thought that it would be a good idea that he have something of his own. He didn't care if it was a poncho, I thought I should make something more 'manly.' He will also be able to use this as a lap blanket when he is not wearing it. I got the pattern from The Purl Stitch by Sally Melville. Here is my progress so far:

Serape! Posted by Hello

(The striping will actually be vertical.)

I had to make this extra long since he is so tall. The pattern is very simple and knitted on big needles. I am using two strands of Plymouth Encore on size 13s. After knitting on mostly socks and shawls recently, those needles feel ginormous! It is knitting up pretty quickly when I actually spend time on it. Just gets boring since it is plain ole stockinette.

As for THING, I really have abandoned it. It sits in my basket next to my desk looking lonely. Wondering if I will actually pick it up and work on it, not just ignore it. I think that if I work on just a little bit every couple of days, it will be done really soon.

Here is something for all you single gals out there.


Allena said...

i like your sleeves! lol hey what size circs are you using? 40"?
i love gilmore girls too but of course we get the episodes late! oh well we still get them! that poncho looks nice! happy knitting!

itgirl said...

Good idea, doing both sleeves at the same time! I wish I could do both ends of the scarf the same way, maybe it would go faster.

Laura.Y said...

Those cables are very very nice..:)

emy said...

Lovely Mariah. I joined the KAL but haven't started on it yet!
Blah...must get to it soon.

TooManyScarves said...

Oh my god....i think I am going to have nightmares thanks to that Craigslist listing...

Oh and GIlmore Girls?! LOVE it.