Wednesday, March 09, 2005

WIP Wednesday

I have decided that I need to make sure to work on my WIPs. In reading many other knitting blogs out there in blogland, I see that I am not the only knitter to become distracted by other, more fun projects. With all of the new and old knitting books and magazines, I keep finding things that I am just itching to create. I also want to try my hand at designing.......and possible trying out the Master Knitters Program through TKGA. Whew! In order to do all of this and feel good about it, I am trying to get some of the WIPs to FOs. Please help me stay on track!!

I started Drift from Rowan back in October for Tori. Out of all of the knitting patterns that I own, she decides that she wants an almost floor length cardigan. So, I actually got it going, finished the back, then got distracted. So, this month I am going to finish this. Here is my progress so far:

Drift Posted by Hello

I have the back and left front completed and have just started the right front. Mind you, these are 48" long, pure stockinette. Fortunately Drift is knitted on big needles, so if I keep working on this, I will have it done by the end of the month, along with lots of other projects. Bad thing: it is getting warm here in Cali, so my daughter probably won't be able to wear it until next winter....if she still likes it.

More incentive to finish projects, I got my shawl kit in from Joslyn's. I am almost finished with Shoalwater, and I got this in the mail today:

New Shawl Kit Posted by Hello

I let my mom choose the yarn color back in December. This will be for her when she comes out to visit again in July. That should be plenty of time to get this done. The pattern is Flirty Ruffles from Fiddlesticks. Looks like this one will be lots of fun.

Oh and yes! Nathania is my secret pal....Amazon let the cat out of the bag. I am sooooo excited! She is such a nice person and I have been reading her blog for a while now. Makes it fun since we kinda know each other already!

I also forgot to update everyone on the big TV filming of our Stitch n Bitch group in Sacramento. I was interviewed.....Marin (group organizer) suggested that they interview me. She left a comment on my blog apologizing, but I had fun. It was very kind of her to suggest that I get interviewed. She has done a wonderful job with the group. I forgot my camera last week, so hopefully I will have some of the pictures that she took to post later. I will post more information regarding the show as soon as I get the info from Marin. We should be on the TV magazine show this Sunday.

Now I am off to the Rocklin Meetup at It's A Grind.......Lauren should be here any minute. My husband is starting to wonder if my knitting groups are starting to take over my life!


Marin said...

I know, but how can you not let it take over? Everything about knitting is so fun and we don't want to miss out on anything!

cher said...

My husband feels the same way, and now I'm wondering if we should make the meeting bi-weekly instead of just once a month. Knitting has completely taken over, if I'm not knitting then I'm on the computer looking at knittng related things or ordering more stuff to knit. I'm addicted. Is this normal???

Violet said...

Marin, I only get to go out 2x per week now for knitting! Hubby was complaining that he wasn't seeing me. Of course, I will be at SnB Sac every week!!

Cher, I do think that bi weekly would be good. I like having the meetings close to home too.