Friday, March 18, 2005

Update on Stitch n Bitch

Stitch n Bitch Hats! Posted by Hello

Every Thursday we meet at the Naked Lounge in downtown Sacramento for our weekly Stitch n Bitch meeting. Since Marin has put the group on Yahoo! and the group was featured in Sacramento Magazine and on their TV special on Channel 3, the group has really grown. Marin is considering moving us to a new venue since there are so many of us now.

Angela and Christy Posted by Hello

What I have enjoyed the most about the group has been the people that I have met. Angela is one of the newer members of the group while Christy was with Marin when it began. We all work together on our projects and are able to help each other with questions or discover different ways of tackling a problem.

Kaedean is helping Sara with a question Posted by Hello

Regina trying not to smile Posted by Hello


A Crocheted Carrot?!?! Posted by Hello
And then, where else could I find crocheted vegetables??


cher said...

Great photos from thursday night, and you got them up so fast! I visited the "veggie" website and they have some really neat stuff.I think I'll be going Sunday night, I really need to get my bag knitted up so I can felt it. Talk to ya soon. Cher

linda said...

Violet, thanks for your advice on my socks. I can't wait to finish my first pair. That crocheted carrot is a little frightening :) My sister crocheted a pumpkin, it was kind of cute.

caitlyn said...

Great pictures, Violet!!! Thanks again for your help. =)

Alcuin Bramerton said...

A traditional Norfolk koan may assist:

School run

It was not easy to shave her legs,
While driving a car full of children on the school run,
While making a call on her mobile to the hairdressers,
While doing breathing exercises,
While listening to Classic FM,
While eating chocolate,
And testing her oldest son on his photosynthesis.
But she did it.
Such is the energy of the Goddess these days.

More may be encountered:

Lynette said...

Hi Violet,

Nice pics, all of you look like you're having a blast!

I had PM'd you a while back ago on KR because you had known of a knitting group in Folsom. I couldn't make it because I was horribly sick but would like to try again. Please let me know if the group is meeting again, or when the other SnB groups are getting together.

I enjoyed reading your blog!

Lara said...

Those are great pics:) Thought I'd mosey on by to your lovely blog - I love your Shoalwater shawl!