Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Tuesday is for Knit Alongs

Okay...joining the bandwagon started by Alison. I will just be doing this late at night! BUT! Before I post any updates, look at what was left at my door today:

Look What I Got! Posted by Hello

My husband comes walking in the house today with a package from Amazon. I was quite surprised as I haven't ordered anything recently, but had been looking. This is a book that I had wanted for quite sometime. Now I will have to admit, I am a little confused. I received an email late last week from my secret pal saying that I should expect a package. This package did not say that it was from my secret pal, but it did come from someone I know. It was from Nathania! Now, either this is an absolutely awesome RAOK, or Nathania is my secret pal OR she knows my secret pal. Hmm........ Anyway, this is an absolutely awesome gift. I love this. Thank you thank you thank you. (And yes, my Mom did teach me my manners and I will be sending a Thank you note.)

Here is my progress with Mariah. I completed the back on Saturday and started work on both sides of the front today. I plan on joining the yoke this weekend and will hopefully have the sweater completed by the following weekend.

Mariah progress Posted by Hello

Once I have completed Mariah, I will get to start on Good Bias. Check out Katy's blog to see her kick off the knit along. Looking forward to getting that shrug completed as it is warming up here in Roseville. Today was 76.....tomorrow will be 78.


Katy said...

76??? It is about 20 here today, with a bitter wind chill. Ahh, spring in New England...

Mariah is looking good!

caitlyn said...

Hi Violet,
The Mariah looks great! Hmmm...I might have to think about knitting the Good Bias! See you tomorrow at SnB!! =)