Friday, March 11, 2005

Blogger is a PITA!!! (aka-no knitting content)

I have read this on other blogs. I had heard that other people have had lots of problems, but I had been lucky not to. Until today.....I was keeping up on the many blogs that I read through bloglines like I do every day. I was leaving comments ('cause bloggers LOVE comments). I get to a blog that has blogger, click on comments. I can read the comments fine. I click to leave comments. I get a message "The blog that you were looking for was not found." What?!? WTF?!? I was just on this person's blog. What do you mean they could not be found?? ARGH!!

This is most irritating. If you blog, you like to know that there are people out there reading what you have written. That these people have something to say about your posts. But! This is not true today.

Now, I have thought about going to a different service. One that I would have to (gasp!) pay for!! That is a lot for me to say as I am a notoriously frugal person. This does not mean that I do not spend money. Believe me, I spend lots of money. But if I can get something for free, well, why pay for it???

So now here is my dilemma: I can ask those people out there that read my blog to post a comment on what I should do, but the question is can you leave a comment????

While pondering whether posting a comment would be possible, here is some entertainment for you: Punctuation and How to Dance. Both of these links are from blogs that I tried to post comments on today. Enjoy! I will talk about knitting tomorrow.


Beth said...

Yeah, I've totally been hating blogger the last couple of days. Hopefully, they've worked out the bugs.

Thanks for the dance lessons - LOVED IT!

Laura.Y said...

Hi Violet, blogger's been pretty unstable. Probably why u see them announcing 'upgrades' very often lately. Have you tried Haloscan for comments? Many ppl using that. I'm using that, pretty good and it's free too. :)

Lu said...

I second that, I just added HaloScan to my blog - free and easy!

Julie said...

Yeah, I've seen the havoc on blogger blogs recently, oi! Sometimes I can comment- seems to be a good day for me on your blog since it's working but lately most of the time I can't comment on other folks' blogs. Argh :/

Suzanne said...

I highly recommend HaloScan for comments.
Blogger's servers get bogged down to fast.
I use HaloScan on my blog and can customize my comments a whole lot.

I did choose to pay in because I wanted comments emailed to me, but it cost me $12 for a whole year! That's a dollar a month! That's all! And only because I wanted comments emailed to me.
Their free commenting services are really good and really worth using.

KnitnMomofboys said...

sorry I'm no help with blogger - I abandoned it for my own site. Whatever you do, don't pay too much!! You can have your own website with more programs and room than you'll EVER need for less than $5 a month!
And, you posted about getting together sometime in my blog - I'd LOVE that! I'm a homeschooling mom so it will have to be a weekend to be kidfree - sometime after Easter??
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Cyndi said...

Hi Violet -

Did you see Babetta's 2nd monthly newsletter? She gave us both kudos for reviewing her new store in our blogs. Neat!

Happy knitting!