Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sorry! I am a slacker!

Do you ever have the type of PMS where you don't want to do anything but lay around and knit? Well, that was my weekend. After Thursday, I just wanted to sit and knit. Didn't want to blog...didn't read any emails....didn't clean house....basically just knitted??? That was pretty much my weekend. Oh, we did do some of the normal Easter things: egg hunt (yes, they still want the Easter bunny to come) and the lamb dinner, but that was about it. The good thing about having 'older' kids is they want to do all the fun things that the did when they were little, but they can help with the preparation!

So, with all of this knitting, what did I accomplish? Well, Shoalwater shawl is basically complete sans blocking!

C'est Finis! Posted by Hello

Yes, it needs blocking. It is just too big for my blocking board, so I will be blocking it on my bed this weekend. I just have to make sure that I wake up early enough to do this. I am pretty sure that DH will want to go to sleep eventually. After it is blocked and looks more pretty, I will tell you about all the wonderful things I learned in making this shawl. Oh, and I post a better picture too.

Tuesday is for Knitalongs!!!

I didn't forget to update you on my official knitalongs. I was just excited about the shawl. I haven't worked much on Mariah....I just wanted to get that shawl done. Mariah's completion is coming up. Needs to be really soon because it should start heating up here pretty soon.

I do have an update on another knitalong: A Good Bias! I actually started it tonight at Tori's gymnastics class. Only time I have had for knitting today. I was able to get three repeats in. Now that I have the pattern down, it really shouldn't take me that long to finish.

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I really like the bamboo yarn. It feels similar to knitting with cotton, but a little more slick. I am really glad that I decided to knit this up with this yarn.

While I was at my daughter's gymnastics class, look what my husband was doing:
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This is our living room. I was using it for my little library/knitting room (can you see the baskets of yarn?) but, now hubby will be taking it over. He is converting it to his office. For him to be able to do this, he had to move the wine cellar. As you can see from his collection, he has a lot of wine. Hence the reason that he really can't complain about the amount of yarn and knitting paraphenalia that I have accumulated. Don't worry about my knitting room/library. I get his old office.


caitlyn said...

Hi Violet,
The Shoalwater Shawl looks beautiful!! And A Good Bias is going to turn out lovely as well. Nice job!

Kaedean said...

Hey lady,
Like I can say anything but WOW!!! everything looks great. Wine included. Great job!!! ;)

Katy said...

I am drooling over the shoalwater shawl. What kind of yarn did you use? And how are you liking the bamboo yarn on the shrug?