Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Quick update, more to follow!

Ok, wanted to post yesterday as I have pictures of painting the store, but Tori had a report due today, so I had no computer time. I also have to figure out how to migrate everything to Typepad....don't have the time!!!! Let me give everyone a quick update:

So far, we have met with 5 reps (yarn company reps) with 2 more appointments scheduled. That doesn't include the companies that do not use reps!!! So much yarn!!! If any of my knitting group friends wonder where I have been, most likely I have been sitting for hours with a rep! These meeting can take anywhere from 3-6 hours. Why so long? Well, first you have to look at what is needed for the store now and then you have to look at what you want to bring in for the Fall!!! Yes, they have their Fall samples now and you get to order for September. Also, it's not just yarn. The reps will also have needles and accessories, kits and patterns. Whew! And Kaedean and I have to decide what we think will sell.

I have also been securing our store fixtures and working on our POS (point of sale) system. Had to buy computers, accounting programs, find an accountant, get our business license, insurance and on and on......Lots of things to get done.

I will have to say I have been lucky in all of this. Kaedean is not just my store manager, she is my business partner and friend. She has been to all of my meetings (except one) with the reps. She and her wonderful husband, Eric, helped to paint. She has been a great help. It has been very nice to have someone else to give an opinion on the yarns and the colors we need for the store. Kaedean had also introduced me to some wonderful women a while back. They have helped out in more ways that I could ever count. Thanks Lorna, Sandy, Terri, Jill, Beth, and Pat (in no particular order and please forgive me if I leave you out!!), you will see their names pop up again and again. Lorna was even nice enough to sit in with a rep one day when Kaedean was on vacation. If I didn't have all of their help, I would be a basket case!!!!

I also have to say thanks to all of you that have read my blog and left comments. Everyone has been very positive with their support. And Lynette, if you would like to help with the pictures for the website, that would be wonderful!!!

Ok. I will post pictures later today. Then you can see why I was so tired and sore yesterday!

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